Coil Forming Equipment

Heat Exchanger Coil Formers are our specialty. Multiple bends and coil slabs are processed most efficiently with Polychem OMS Systems Coil Bending equipment. Coordinated motions, coupled with our servo positioning systems, provide the highest degree of precision and speed for your assembly line applications.
We offer all types of Coil Benders from manual Table Top Benders to fully automatic Coil Benders with load, unload, and automatic mandrel change over. Polychem OMS Systems manufactures the Micro-Channel Coil Bender that will not distort the aluminum tubes. Whether you are bending conventional slabs or the newest micro channels, our Coil Bending equipment will provide your operation with the best solution.

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Flying Saws

Polychem OMS Systems Flying Cut-Off  methods provide the selection our customers seek in today’s fast paced applications. Whether one is in need of a smooth cutting cold saw or a more robust friction saw, we can provide solutions from 20 -300 HP accommodating blade diameters from 16 to 72 inches in diameter.

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Product Handling

We produce conveying systems for a wide spectrum of heavy industrial products. Whether it be heavy steel and pipe or pre-painted and boxed components, we can help you find the most efficient and economic solution to your needs.

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Handle & Stack

Polychem OMS Systems can manufacture for you a Handle & Stack system for tubing, steel components, and other related products.

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Blower Housing Assembly

Polychem OMS Systems Automated Blower Housing Assembly Machines are designed and built to precisely meet our customers’ specifications. In addition to matching our customers physical specifications and joining method, we can design a machine that allows for special preferences in metal type and surface, thickness, joint spacing, and cycle time. In addition to reliable accuracy our machines are also highly flexible. Many units are capable of producing an unlimited array of housing sizes, requiring less than ten minutes for tooling changes. Blower Housing manufacturing stations are designed with programmable radial location of crimps and/or spot welds.

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Turnkey Systems

We can do any part of your project from engineering and design to installation, integration, start up, and training. Give us a call today!

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Polychem OMS Systems builds its equipment with both safety and sustainability paramount in the design and engineering processes. With safety first, Polychem OMS Systems practices good stewardship of our nation’s resources and strives to maximize energy efficiency in our plant and in the equipment we produce.